Awards Noms and Upcoming Events

It’s been just over a month since The Unbroken came out and by all accounts, things are going as well as we can know right now. I’m so grateful for all of you who are getting the word out there about this story. If you’ve read the book and liked it, I’d appreciate you telling all your friends, enemies, colleagues to grab it, too, and to leave reviews/ratings on sites like Amazon/Goodreads/Storygraph/etc. Requesting from libraries helps, too! And if you’ve already reviewed it, thank you! It really does make a difference; word of mouth is one of the biggest ways people hear about new books, so it’s a big help. Especial thanks also to the bloggers who posted reviews!

Awards Noms!!!

In other great news, I’ve been shortlisted for a few different awards, either for my own work or my work as part of the PodCastle team! If you like our work, I’d appreciate your consideration and your votes!

  • You Perfect, Broken Thing” – Shortlisted for Best Short Story in the IGNYTE Awards. ANYONE CAN VOTE. (yes, even you, Mom.) So please vote!
  • PodCastle – Shortlisted for Best Fiction Podcast in the IGNYTE Awards. Again, ANYONE CAN VOTE. (yes, still you, Mother.) Please see our voting packet here. We will also have a downloadable ebook style document soon, but all of our work from 2020 is available for free in audio wherever you get your podcasts and to read on the website.
  • PodCastleShortlisted for Best Semiprozine in the Hugo Awards (A HUGO!!). Only people registered for WorldCon 2021 are eligible to vote in this award. Same voting packet!

Upcoming Events

While I’m recording a few panels in advance of undetermined releases, one event is coming up!

I’ll be on a panel at Cymera Festival with R.F. Kuang, author of the awesome The Poppy War trilogy, which just concluded last year with The Burning God. I’m so so excited about this because I love Rebecca’s work and what she’s doing with history and with the protagonist, Rin.

Fighting the Good Fight with C.L. Clark and R.F. Kuang: Caught between morale, politics and love, how can you be sure what to fight for?

Event details: Saturday, June 5, 2021 7:15 PM – 8:15 PM BST
£3/£5 (plus 50p booking fee)


And just an evergreen reminder that this info will usually go first to my newsletter subscribers, and with more exciting bits and pieces (a roundup of FAN ART for example). I just don’t have time to update everywhere and a newsletter is the current best expenditure of my time. So subscribe! I also hold giveaways there! Here’s a little teaser:

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